Artist's Statement

Art has always been a priority in my life; I never decided to become an artist, it seems I simply always was. I create art because I must. A nighttime painter, I work when the moon is high in the sky and the world is quiet. It is in these stolen moments of solitude with my brushes and paint that I create on canvas, but I am continuously creating in my mind. I paint most of my pictures and write most of my stories and poems in my mind long before I ever commit them to canvas or paper. I have juggled art and writing for many years, giving into the pull of each as it comes along, demanding to be heard, recognized, expressed.

I'm influenced by my native heritage, my love of nature, and also my appreciation for urban environments. These three things require a balancing act in my work that I strive to maintain in my life as well.

When I am not in the studio or at the keyboard, I enjoy teaching, creating jewelry out of found and natural objects, knitting, sewing, reading, being a mother to my son, urban gardening, reading, yoga, cold climates, the ocean at dawn, and a good cup of dark roast coffee!

Mmmm, coffee...

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